Did you know that giving personalized gifts can actually strengthen relationships between your company and clients?  In fact, businesses who participate in regular gift giving have actually experienced an increase in their overall sales. 

Building Business

80% of CEOs believe that gifting provides a positive and measurable ROI, and they aren’t wrong. Businesses who give their clients gifts have experienced 40% higher ROI compared to businesses who do not. Customers are more likely to remember a business who takes time to send them a personalized present, and this makes them more likely to continue doing business in the future.

As clients continue doing business with your brand, you are more likely to find brand ambassadors to market your products. 71% of marketers believe that brand ambassadorship is the most effective form of influencer marketing, and who better to market your brand than your own clients? As more people are exposed to your brand through marketing and brand ambassadorship, new leads may lead to new customers.

Why it Works

Many of the reasons giving gifts to clients is so effective is due to psychology. The actual action of receiving a gift can alter the way a client views your brand. Giving a client a gift provides an immediate emotional connection which can increase their likelihood of giving you their business. Clients are then more likely to feel motivated, encouraged, and valued by your company and will continue working with you in the future. People naturally want to work with brands that they feel personally connected to, and gifts are a great way to start that connection.

Additionally, when clients are happy with a business they are more likely to recommend it to their friends and family.  Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get more people to know about and be interested in your company. This can lead to new leads for future clients, and can overall boost public perception of your brand. 

What can be difficult in this process though is finding the right gift. Customers do not want to receive a thoughtless, generic gift that doesn’t pertain to your brand or their interests at all. In fact, 63% of customers dislike generic ads and brand messaging including gifts. On the other hand, 90% of customers find personalization more appealing and prefer brands that feel real and authentic. fThis is why it is important to understand the kinds of customers your brand attracts, and market to them in order to make your brand into a relatable personality.

Psychologist Carl Jung developed a personality theory in the 1940’s that found 12 major kinds of personality archetypes that are seen in people throughout history. Each of these personality types have different characteristics and enjoy different things, so it is important to find what archetype makes up your client base the most. 

Finding the Best Gifts

Does your brand attract the outlaw archetype? These customers value liberation and independence, and are more likely to appreciate more sophisticated gifts. They may appreciate libation accessories such as whiskey sets or bar tools. 

If you find your customers are similar to the outlaw but are more noble and practical, they may embody the hero archetype. Consider showcasing your brand's practicality by giving gifts that offer daily value such as tools or a knife set. Leveraging items that your customers will enjoy with items that relate to your brand is a great way to be remembered even years down the line. Similarly, customers who have the everyman archetype will appreciate practical items as well as general gifts that bring enjoyment to their lives.

If your brand focuses on art in any way, your customers may be the creator archetype. These customers value creativity of all kinds as well as uniqueness and will appreciate gifts that embody that. Giving your own branded art tools or tech related items will be effective in gaining a connection with these clients and will separate you from other businesses.