Anytime you sell a home, the ultimate goal is to keep it on the market at the bare minimum. The longer your home sits on the real estate market, the more likely its value to drop due to price reductions. 

The ideal scenario would be to find a dedicated buyer of your home as soon as it's listed, collect payment and fees, hand over the keys, and move on with your life. However, this isn’t always the case with sellers. Apart from disagreement with price, a home isn’t sold during its prime time because you may have missed a thing or two. 

And with the continued boom of the real estate market from the pandemic’s uptick, maximizing your home’s value is best before the market slows down. Here are some tips to help you sell your house faster this 2022.

1. Declutter, declutter

The quickest and easiest hack for a ready-to-sell home is simply cleaning up the clutter around your home. Remove personalized and sentimental items like photographs, souvenirs, and religious items. This should be your priority. 

Potential buyers will want to imagine themselves in the home you are selling, so your home must make a great first impression. You'll want to keep clutter out of sight in all the spaces potential buyers want to check out, which will probably be every room, including the garage. 

If you don't have the extra space needed for storage, invest temporarily in a storage unit for all your extra furniture and knick-knacks until your home is sold. 

2. Get advice from a home inspector

Of course, hiring a home inspector to inspect your home before putting it on the market is not necessary but is a wise investment. You might argue that any structural repairs needed in the long run should be the buyer's burden. 

However, spotting red flags early on and addressing them means a stress-free selling process. Plus, a house with no issues ready to be sold won't stay on the market long, even with an increased value from repairs and kitchen upgrades.

You can probably inspect the home yourself, but hiring a professional will provide you with a keener eye for problems that can evolve into something more significant in the future. A home inspector can provide you with a detailed inspection report of everything that needs to be fixed and a closer look at the condition of your property.

3. Hire a great real estate agent

You can easily search for a highly rated real estate agent within your budget with Google and social media. When looking for an agent, do a background check by delving into their sales history and professional designations, showing which niche they've spent the time to master. 

Examine how they post listings and on which platforms. Check if they use professional photos, so you know they'll put the same effort into marketing your home. Hiring an experienced agent may mean allotting 5 to 6% of your home's total sale price, which could amount to thousands of dollars. 

However, seeking the services of an expert agent will sell your home faster as it will be advertised to a broader market. With real estate fees at an all-time low, you'll also get a better deal with your agent than in the past. 

4. Take professional photos

Your house must look as photogenic as it does in real life. No matter how beautiful your home is in real life, your listing will easily be overlooked by prospective buyers searching online if you have photos that poorly represent the home. 

Invest in a professional photographer with the proper equipment and know-how to maximize every room in your home. Stage each room properly for every photo, so it's eye candy on real estate sites and platforms. 

Consider adding the option of a 3D virtual walkthrough of your house for out-of-town buyers for their convenience. An aerial view of the house to show its location and proximity to certain establishments and landmarks also help sell the house faster, especially if it's in a prime location.