A noteworthy Italian proverb declares “Better alone than badly accompanied.” For those that genuinely enjoy traveling alone, there are numerous opportunities from hobby-related activities to outdoor adventures to just taking a break for several days. Increasing vacation travel is attracting solitary tourists.

But while numbers for solo travel are on the rise, there are still safety considerations when heading out alone. Before setting off, research your destination, make sure you have health insurance, and consider air travel insurance as well if you’re venturing to foreign destinations. 

So, if you’re planning an excursion alone, consider one of these appealing countries as your final destination.

1. Iceland

Iceland gets a nod as one of the safest countries in the world for solo traveling thanks to its continuing high ranking by the Global Peace Index. The Index uses 23 qualitative and quantitative factors to evaluate peace within national boundaries and Iceland has held the top spot since 2008. 

This Nordic island boasts an unarmed police force because it is literally free of violent crime. The only potential dangers found might be encountered when traveling to remote locations alone. So, it’s recommended that if you plan on visiting volcanoes or wandering through the mountains, you get help from expert local guides. 

The country also boasts an excellent healthcare system, so pick up temporary health insurance before leaving home.

2. New Zealand

Another country worth exploring alone is the island nation of New Zealand. With more than 700 islands located in the Pacific Ocean, it is economically and politically stable. This island paradise made headlines for its excellent management of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

New Zealand ranked second after Iceland on the 2022 Global Peace Index. Offering glorious mountains and beautiful beaches, if you enjoy outdoor adventure, New Zealand should be on your list of places to travel to. It is consistently ranked as one of the safest locations on the globe for visitors.

3. Ireland

The European continent, despite this year’s war in Ukraine, also has a selection of countries with excellent reputations for safety for both citizens and visitors. Violent crime statistics are very low, and kidnappings are practically nonexistent. 

A noteworthy healthcare system and particular attention to working conditions distinguish this country internationally. In the past, Ireland suffered from domestic terrorism but this is a thing of the past, and the country itself is generally not a target for international terrorism as the country has a peace-based foreign policy. 

Guns are illegal unless you are a farmer, and even those for farms are very limited in type. Break-ins and robberies are rare, especially in rural Ireland. Known for its fantastic hospitality and zero-kilometer food sourcing, the emerald isle merits a visit.

4. Denmark

Born in the 10th century, island nation Denmark consists of two islands in the north Atlantic Ocean: Greenland and the Faroe Islands. A founding member of NATO, it is a part of Scandinavia along with Sweden and Norway. 

Food, pharmaceuticals, machinery, steel, iron, furniture, and tourism account for its florid economy. Higher education is free as is most medical care. With a constitutional monarchy, the government is considered exceptionally stable. 

Quality of life in this Nordic wonderland also places high in the rankings, making it a safe place to visit alone. 

5. Austria

One of the most culturally rich countries on the planet, Austria is a mecca for music and theater lovers worldwide. Located in central Europe, present-day Austria was formed by two world wars in the last century. Its capital city Vienna saw Mozart, Schubert, Strauss, and Beethoven among its residents. 

Austria is recognized for its impressive high living standard in its principal economic sectors: tourism, services, agriculture, and industry. Cradled in the Alps, the breathtaking scenery has few rivals. 

A well-developed healthcare system, public education, and dedication to the environment contribute to its highly rated living quality. It is also well-rated for safety, making it a great choice for the solo traveler.

6. Japan

For those that find Asian culture intriguing, Japan merits your consideration. Generally considered very safe, reports of crime registered are low and the Japanese often leave belongings unattended. 

Excellent organization, cleanliness, and attention to acoustic pollution contribute to the sensation of safety present in Japan. You are more likely to witness an earthquake than meet a criminal, but they have an earthquake warning app available for that, too.

7. Switzerland

If you’re looking for a dose of European charm, Switzerland should be high on your list. Located in the heart of Europe, it shares borders with Italy, France, Germany, and Austria. 

Violence and crime rates are low, the scenery is breathtaking, and there are lots of opportunities for outdoor sports, hiking, and visiting delightful Swiss towns nestled in mountain landscapes. Switzerland is also impressive for its cleanliness and its well-maintained parks and towns.

8. Canada

A powerful presence on the North American continent, this multicultural nation is lauded internationally for the high quality of life that it offers its citizens. 

Economic stability, administrative transparency, educational opportunities, and a quality healthcare system have contributed to the country’s stellar reputation making Canada a mecca for solo travelers. 

It is a stunningly beautiful country with cosmopolitan cities like Toronto or Montreal or an expansive natural countryside offering numerous opportunities for exploration or outdoor sports.

9. Portugal

An incredibly progressive European nation concerning human rights and LGBT rights, in particular, Portugal is always at the top of the list of places to visit or to move to. 

Numerous natural wonders and historic sites offer lots of options for those who love to sightsee. Great seafood and dazzling beaches only add to its allure along with its exceptionally low crime rate and little to no gang-related activities. 

It also boasts a low risk for terrorism placing it among the safest countries in the world to travel in.

10. Sweden

Another outstanding European country to visit is Sweden. The country has a population of more than 10 million but also has very low crime rates. 

Leaders in the fight against climate change, gender inequality, human and animal rights, and much more, it is a country known for its hospitality and courtesy. Beautiful landscapes, interesting cultural institutions, and a variety of activities do the rest.